This has got to be one of the coolest locations to get swept away to for an engagement session.. I mean am I right or am I right? Look at how crazy cool these big white rocks are painted with pinks and oranges – oh my!

We drove out into what felt like the middle of nowhere. You go south of Denver and drive through these neighborhoods with GIANT mansions that I would gladly live in. There's some fields of cows, and then hills, more hills, and some flat stuff. Then BAM you see the wind turbines - and some more hills. Then all of a sudden you drive past this teeny little town called Callahan, Colorado. Turn left right left and then somehow you end up in this magical little place. 

Laurel decided to hike it out in her dress in tennis shoes and when I said "okay

climb to the veeeery top of that" she took off her shoes and this magic

little moment happened. As we drove in I was thinking in my head – “maaaan those

clouds look really stormy out there! I hope it doesn’t downpour rain on us

after we drove so far to get here!” But no. As soon as these cuties stood on

top of that rock up there it was magic. It was like the weather gods knew that

it was NOT THE TIME, man. Not the time. Well we didn’t get a single drop of

rain. We crawled into some caves and found little slivers of light for Laurel

and Brandon to bask in while they stared into each others eyes and rubbed their

faces together – my request!

Some of this area is heavily vandalized which makes me super sad. Please don’t carve your name into trees or rocks or anything, people!! We have to protect this beautiful earth we are given and enjoy it responsibly. Okay, there’s my soap box rant – thx.