A Frame Magic

Xan and Matt invited me up to their little town to take engagement pictures in their “backyard”. Little did I know this was not just a little backyard situation. Or a simple – come to our house it’s really quaint and lovely situation. GUYS! They have the COOLEST house I have ever seen. This A frame is a 2 bedroom that they live in and their backyard is a HUGE open space below these epic mountains in the distance.


Xan texts me when I’m driving up and warns me that it is absolutely pouring rain at their house and we should see how the weather is in a little while but we may have to change plans. So I’m like… “okay Colorado let’s see what you got.” I get up there after driving through a little rain and the clouds had just opened up – seriously like right when I showed up. The air was still that fresh, crisp smell you get when it just finishes raining. And the aspen trees right next to their house are barely turning yellow on the tips. My heart was so. stinkin. happy.

When I met Xan and Matt they were absolutely amazing from the start. They told me all about the ski areas nearby and avalanche information. Turns out they also have some very famous neighbors! The people who Guanella Pass is named after!? Ok if you aren’t from Colorado that maybe means nothing to you… But I freaked out! They build their own ski hill on their land every year and these two have neighbors with this massive area untouched mountain land to ski and frolic on galore! Plus don’t get me started again about their A-frame and adorable dogs that were so cute when I had them make out in front of their home… I cannot WAIT for this wedding next year.