Senior Ports at Spur on South Broadway

Veronica my south broadway angel! We met up at this amazing little coffee shop called Spur. If you know me you know that I’m an absolute coffee ADDICT, so when she suggested it I couldn’t refuse. Spur is the perfect mix of modern vibes without the pretentiousness of being stuffy or over the top. Located in the heart of South Broadway in Denver, we had the perfect location to roam around for a portrait session that was the perfect blend of urban and also upscale and sophisticated.

South Broadway is an interesting little area in Denver because it’s a little funky pocket of the city. It’s very urban with alleyways of murals, second hand shops, and really yummy restaurants. When I think of it I think of cool grungy bars, really good brunch, and fun vintage stores, toy shops, etc. There’s a little of everything there and it is very much a cool and down to earth vibe in every place you walk into.

Young female portrait
Black and white portrait
Woman in hat
Urban young woman
Close up portrait
Black and white female portrait
Laughing female portrait
Black and white female portrait
Young woman portrait
Woman looking into window
Young woman and hat

We started our session in the coffee shop. Veronica actually knew a lot of the folks that work and hang out there. There’s a whole tribe of people who are regulars and it has built a little community there. When I came up she was doing homework and I promptly brought the party with my 35mm lens and a tumeric latte. Shooting at a place like this forces you to really utilize the lighting and props around you to create a frame. Luckily Veronica is also absolutely adorable and was an absolute natural in front of the lens.

We quickly moved into the alley and got to utilize some of the blank backdrops, doors, walls, and textures to experiment and pose her next to. It was a fun challenge to create portraits and capture her spirit in our beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.