Stephanie and Andrew | Lookout Mountain Engagement

Stephanie and Andrew are a picture perfect couple. Literally, look at them! They flew all the way from Los Angeles, CA to explore the foothills of Colorado with me at Lookout Mountain for their engagement photoshoot. We had some snow on the ground for the day but it ended up being the perfect setting as long as we were cool with ice skating around a little bit…. I wish I was kidding. 

At the lookout point I was telling them where to walk to pose and they both ended up just kinda slowly gliding into place because it was so ice that day. Luckily the temperature cooperated enough that we had a really lovely overlook all to ourselves with blue bird skies.

Shelter at Lookout Mountain
Couple in the doorway of shelter
Black and white photography of couple
Engaged couple in snowstorm
Black and white couple photography
Couple dances in the snow
Couples snow dance
Engaged couple portrait in woods
Engaged couple embrace overlooking mountains
Engaged couple in mountain photo
Portrait of engaged couple
Lookout mountain couple embrace
Snowy mountain portrait
Newly engaged couple
Casual mountain couple

Their style and ability to match their clothes to compliment each other’s outfits is… next level couples goals y’all. I have to note this - she definitely color coordinated everything. But they weren’t too matchy match. They still wore stuff that was true to them. She had a to die for overcoat that I am drooling over the color and style of. And his pants matched it so well without looking like they had spent a ton of time coordinating it. Plus - guys… Look at his hair. Like. So so good. I love the way he styled it and brought volume into it. 11/10 would recommend whoever he gets his hair done. I might even have to go there. Just kidding!! Kind of…

It was so perfect because we had it all to ourselves to ice skate around, laugh, and soak in the moment of their engagement photos. We played around in the woods with snow fields and sank in just a little bit at times. We had so much fun playing around in the snow and I was honored to be able to show them their first time at this epic overlook just outside the city.