Fort Collins Ranch Wedding

Up in northern Colorado in Fort Collins Kendhra and Preston had the most romantic ranch wedding. The venue was set at a family Ranch with open land, horses, and beautiful Spanish style stucco homes. Just behind the ranch is a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance which you could see perfectly clearly on their wedding day. 

The ceremony was set out on the lawn and the alter was staged under large trees that shaded the entire area. A beautiful white alter at the front was lined with white and green flowers, while an aisle ran down the greenbelt to lead the bride and groom to their union. 

Their ceremony before their friends and family was intimate as well as socially distanced. #covidwedding All guests wore masks and several chairs were spread out between groups and families. The ceremony was equipped with a speaker system so that all guests could feel comfortable away from others but still involved in the vows. It was a perfectly done way to socially distance a wedding.

They showed me around the Fort Collins Ranch and we met a few of their majestic horses. We explored the beautiful architecture around the property. After enjoying the ranch views and architecture the homestead during golden hour, we got on to the reception. They served fry bread tacos – which… let me tell you. Tortillas are out. Let’s just toss those out the window and continue the fry bread train. I’m in for it. 

If you were wondering – yes they did shove cave in one another’s faces. To the point Kendhra had to go wash her face a bit to make sure she got the frosting out of her eye. There was so much fun to be had dancing. I loved the moment during the money dance where the small kids thought they could go pick up the cash. So, the kids snuck up like a piñata of money had burst, grabbed the cash and ran away. LOL! The night ended with a send off where the newlyweds got into a vintage car and rode away with cans clanking behind them. Beautifully set ranch wedding with a vintage baby blue car! What could be better?