Guanella Pass Elopement

If I had a funny bone anywhere it’s wherever Kasey and Shaun are. This Guanella Pass Elopement featured epic backdrops in the Rocky Mountains, champagne popping, breathing exercises, mittens and hats, and a LOT of laughter in between every moment.

The plan was to meet on the top of the mountain on a wish and a prayer that we would be able to find one another. I sent them a location and somehow they ended up on some back alley dirt road on the side of some sketchy cliff in their non 4WD car – oops! Nonetheless, they made it to the location and we found each other despite having zero cell phone reception. The second I met Kasey she had the most bubbly and fun loving personality. Shaun was along for the ride as he agreed to follow me to a side of the road spot for their first look. I hiked around like a mad woman searching for a first look spot while Kasey changed in their car.

The sun began to set as Kasey emerged in her beautiful boho wedding dress overlooking Georgetown, CO below. A sweet first look moment among the big evergreen trees was the perfect setting to kick off the couple’s elopement day. We then hiked to a new location for vows and these two exchanged vows and rings in solitude on the TOP of this mountain as the sun was setting behind them. 

As soon as the sun went down we watched the shadow of the mountain begin to take over the valley and the surrounding peaks. Kasey and Shaun popped and sprayed champagne all over in celebration of their new matrimony. They requested to sign their marriage certificate while sitting on a rock and kept it as free spirited, rugged, and natural as possible.