Travel couples photography at Red Rocks

It’s amazing how we can find people so readily on social media these days. Hannah found me on Instagram, as so many of us connect there these days. She was planning her trip to Denver and was specifically searching hashtags of “denver photographers” or “denver couples photographer”. She is also a photographer so she knew the drill of booking a photographer and going to photoshoots. A few messages on instagram and some scrolling and BAM we were meeting up a few days later when Hannah and Alex arrived in Colorado for their vacation. 

She really wanted to capture some moments with her husband on their trip to Colorado. They came out to Colorado to experience Denver and the surrounding mountains. When Hannah first asked me what they couldn’t leave Denver without seeing - I thought… RED ROCKS! Red rocks is such a classic experience. It combines the best of everything because you can see the city skyline from the top of the park. But then you get beautiful meadow areas with huge towering rocks in the foreground. We walked around and took in all the views of red rocks. 

Black and White Engagement Photo
Engagement photography in Morrison, Colorado
Engaged couple photographed in Colorado
Couple strolling in Red Rocks
Engagement kiss among the Red Rocks in Colorado
Beautiful couple in Red Rocks Colorado
Happy couple in Red Rocks landscape
Engagement photograph of couple in Red Rocks
Happy couple holding hands in Red Rocks
Couple seated among red rocks in Morrison Colorado
Kissing Engaged Coupled at Red Rocks Colorado

It’s funny how as a photographer you know exactly how to pose other people and create a moment, with perfect lighting, and great outfits. But then… as soon as it’s your turn it’s like PANIC! HOW DO I DO THIS!? That’s definitely how I feel about it, at least. I really get that whole deer in the headlights with bambi legs stumbling around kinda vibe when someone makes me get out front of my own lens.

Hannah, being a photographer herself got the sense of “turning the tables” when she had to switch up bring behind the lens to being in front of it. She was flawless in front of the lens. It definitely can feel awkward at first to get comfortable in front of a lens but I could tell her and Alex had really spent some time setting up selfie cams and doing all the poses together. They were masters of the selfie tripod cam except this time I was a real life tripod person that could capture things how I saw it. Pro tip! Always hire a photographer on your vacations for a little mini photoshoot - why not? You want to remember those moments and often times getting someone who photographs in your location often means that you are also getting your own private tour guide. What could be better!?