Estes Park Elopement

This couple has the most gentle and lovely energy I think I have ever been around. Esmeralda and Michael had come together under very difficult circumstances. But somehow, life brought them together when they needed each other the most. A few years later they decided that they wanted to get eloped. After a long year of cancellations with COVID, these two decided to just “run away together” to get eloped in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I drove up to Estes Park area and we met just along the river for their first look. It was absolutely beautiful as fall was in full bloom and all the aspen leaf trees were changing from green to a vibrant yellow and orange shade of color. The first look kicked off this string of very heartfelt and emotional events of the elopement. They exchanged very beautifully thought out sentimental items so they could have their loved ones present in their hearts that day. 

We had a very specific meeting time and traffic was a nightmare. To meet their officiant at a location with no cell service we were about a half hour late - thanks elopements! We came to find out their officiant got there early so she had been waiting around for us for even longer. 

We got to our site and it was absolute perfect conditions with the lighting, the crisp mountain air temperatures, and the wealth of love in the air. Jan, their officiant had put together a perfect ceremony that they had all planned ahead of time. They followed with vows, and then we got to explore some of the moutnanous area around Estes Park all together. Basking in the beauty of open meadows beneath huge 13 thousand foot mountains and then watching a vibrant gold, purple, and fuchsia sunset light up the sky as we all drove away for the evening. It was the perfect “escape to the mountains” elopement for the couple.