Red Rocks Surprise Proposal

Alright I’m here to say that planning surprises is really fun but it can also be super super stressful. Not necessarily for me, as the photographer. But the proposer has SO much to coordinate. The ring, the location, the timing, the sun, what they are going to say, on and on and on. It’s a whole bunch!

I had been planning this surprise proposal for Chris and Jami for several weeks before they flew out to colorado to get engaged. Well, to be fair Jami had no idea that this was going to happen. So Chris and I planned it. We texted, exchanged selfies, I gave lots of directions of where to go and where to stand. We got there and I did the classic nod indicating “yep I’m your secret photographer and we are ready to go!”

Red rocks ampitheater
black and white couple photography
Red rocks couple photo
trading post trail
hiking at red rocks
red rocks colorado couple photography
engagement photography
engagement photographer
red rocks engagement photographer
she said yes

Chris walks to the location that I told him to propose in. Meanwhile - I’m following shorty behind them and keeping enough distance that Jami didn’t notice this girl basically following (stalking them). Well, I was a little too far away because I was ACROSS THE STREET as Chris kneels down and start to propose to Jami. Pouring his heart out and asking this woman to be with him for life... meanwhile I’m using my longer lens and shooting them while cars are zooming by in front of me and he’s on the other side of the street. Luckily we got it captured and she said yes! Though the behind the scenes look wasn’t as smooth and pretty as I would like photographing them from across the street - it’s pretty awesome how well the zoom lens can make anything look like a miraculous and epic moment. Well - all in all it WAS an epic moment to be proposing under the beautiful rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater.